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Theresa Caballero - Ms. Caballero, an El Paso attorney brings you a unique view of El Paso politics with a perspective fashioned from years of fighting in the trenches of true El Paso politics.

Martín Paredes - Editor and columnist Martín Paredes brings his multi-lingual and multi-national experience to El Paso politics. Writing from a perspective honed from years of travel and living in different countries, Paredes writes about political issues with a focus on El Paso and Borderland politics.

aka Adriana Modigliani - aka Modigliani brings a unique perspective from within the court house every Thursday.

David Rout - Writes regular Movie Reviews.

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Regular Columns

Mondays - City Talk: El Paso's true political scene from those that fight in the local political trenches.

Tuesdays - City Government Today: El Paso's City Government.

Wednesdays - Focus on Government: Local attorney Theresa Caballero brings you a weekly series on issues that affect our pocket books.

Thursdays - Coming from the left: Carl Starr writes about his views of El Paso politics with a slant from the left.

Fridays - Guest columnists tell us like it is.

Saturdays - There are no articles on Saturdays at this time. The perfect time to catch up on your reading.

Sundays - A Different Perspective: Martín Paredes weighs in on the issues from a different perspective on the week's events. Weekly political cartoons are published on Mondays.

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