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The El Paso Tribune Announces New Feature for Election Season
February 16, 2005 - Martín Paredes
Election season is upon us and as such the issues are about to come face to face between the electorate and the candidates. One of the biggest gripes heard during the election season is from one side, the electorate, that information about candidates, absent rhetoric, is difficult to find and from the candidates themselves, the media limits their ability to get the word out. The El Paso Tribune started with one premise and that is that all voices are equal in any dialogue. With this in mind, The El Paso Tribune announces today a new feature that will run through the election season, “From the Candidate’s Own Words”.

This new feature allows all candidates, regardless of political persuasion to write a column about an issue or about their candidacy to be published by The El Paso Tribune. Throughout the election season, the El Paso Tribune will accept articles submitted by candidates regarding the issues that matter to them and their political platforms. All articles submitted will be published on a first-come, first-serve basis through May 7, 2005.

There is no limit to the number of articles that candidates can submit or what topics they can write about. The only caveat is that each candidate must submit their article under their own name. Each article published by the El Paso Tribune will be clearly marked as to who the author is, and labeled “From the Candidate’s Own Words”. As each article cycles through our rotation, the article will be added to a special archive clearly available from the front page of our publication. This will allow the electorate an opportunity to get information as they need it.

For candidates this is the opportunity to answer a challenger’s rhetoric directly, clarify a position or just introduce themselves to the community. For the electorate this is an opportunity to read exactly what a candidate stands for in his own words, not some glossy or public relations spin we have all become accustomed to. In the end, Democracy is about making the right decision on election night based on facts and an informed decision and not on rhetoric.

This community constantly decries the lack of information, the level of rhetoric and the lack of media attention. Well here is your opportunity to raise the standard of politics in our community. All candidates are welcome and no candidate’s piece will be restricted or limited. (Please limit your pieces to no more than 800 words) The question is, will candidates want to discuss issues or would they rather just hope that the stagnant electorate will maintain the status-quo of inaction. Or, will the electorate rise to the occasion and demand specific answers to their concerns. The website logs are clear, the majority of the local news media regularly reads this website and the participants are active political members of the electorate. The opportunity is there, it is just a matter of rising to the occasion.

Please submit your articles to in either text or Microsoft Word format. Please limit your pieces to at least 400 words and no more than 800 words. All articles submitted will be published as submitted.

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