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Fait Accompli

May 9, 2005 - Martín Paredes

The time has come to say adios to The El Paso Tribune. After 31 months the time has come for me to return to work on my business full time. It is with both sadness and relief that I write this last article for the El Paso Tribune. Sadness in that I still believe that this city lacks a local newspaper that fully understands the duty to be a defender to the ideal of Democracy on behalf of the people. The last bastion of defense against government tyranny is none existent in this city. For that I am truly sad. [read the full article]

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Pundits Weigh in on Election

May 6, 2005 - Martín Paredes

The El Paso Tribune asked local political pundits what their predictions are for Saturday’s elections results. The pundits were asked who would be the winner in each race and in which district they expected a run off in. As expected, two of the races resulted in various scenarios while a third race vacillated between an outright win for the incumbent and a run-off against a challenger. The pundits were promised anonymity in order to get their true feelings for each of the races. The results are presented in an aggregate format. [read the full article]

Reasons to Vote for Robert Cushing

May 5, 2005 - Robert A. Cushing

Greetings.  We are rapidly approaching election day, and to this point there has been little, if any, media coverage of the positions of the respective candidates for District 2.  Thus, I feel compelled to bring forward critical differences with my opponents that are stark and quite troubling. [read the full article]

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