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A free and open Democracy requires a populace with a strong foundation of news and information in order to make the appropriate decisions about their community. Although universally, the news media of the nation has failed to live up to the reason for their existence - to watch over government on behalf of the people - the community of El Paso has an even greater absence of true and accurate news information as it is served by the El Paso Times, a newspaper that at best ignores the needs of the community and at worst completely ignores the tenets of journalistic integrity.

The El Paso Tribune was founded in October 2002 with one agenda - the agenda to allow a news starved community an outlet from which to address the issues of the day without having to rely on a local newspaper that some have described as nothing better than birdcage liner. The El Paso Tribune is a collaboration of individuals that want nothing more than to espouse their views for the rest of the community to discuss and challenge. Although not a true news source but rather a place for public commentary, the El Paso Tribune has nonetheless been the source for timely news and information that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in our community, as the local daily has been proven to ignore news, delay news items and even lie about news for some as of yet unknown reason. As an alternative publication, the El Paso Tribune is not a true journalistic entity but rather a collaboration of lawyers, businessmen and other members of the community that just want a true and honest presentation of the issues of the day. 

The El Paso Tribune welcomes all submissions regardless of the topic and the position the author holds. The only requirement is that the author be willing to intelligently and honestly defend their position to the community of El Paso. The El Paso Tribune realizes that it will never take the position of the El Paso Times but rather the El Paso Tribune hopes that by continually “sniping” at the inadequacies of the local paper that someday the El Paso Times will truly raise to the challenge of serving the news needs of El Paso and surrounding areas. Until then, the El Paso Tribune will do what it can to allow dialog of today’s ever present issues regardless of who initiates it or what powers that be wish for the dialog to die. Only through the generous support of our community that is hungry of a true journalistic enterprise have we been able to survive this long. To those who are just visiting us for the first time, welcome, our only agenda is true and open discourse of our city and its government.

Martin Paredes, editor of the El Paso Tribune

“True journalistic integrity demands all sides of an issue regardless of who utters it or what agenda drives it.”

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